Friday, June 14, 2013


In between all the showers Mike and I packed our bags and Lambeau and headed to WISCONSIN! 
So excited for a vacation away from Florida and our crazy busy lives. 
At about 27 weeks prego we drove 19 hours and cruised right into Mike's childhood home. 
He was overly excited because it was going to be his 26th birthday and our 5 year anniversary! He was also in the one place were he feels most comfortable! 
We had an awesome surprise!!! 
SNOW! It had truly been since the blizzard of 2008 that we have seen snow! 
 So as you can imagine! Our friends back in Florida called us tourist.. 
A few days later we were able to take a mini stop to the JELLY BELLY factory! We had a shopping day with Mike's parents and this was one of my favorite stops! So much candy and FUN! 

 April 3rd. Mike turned 26 years old and the only thing his little heart desired was a mini date to Green Bay! We met one of our favorite aunts LORI for lunch at Lambeau Field!

and well I could not let it be his birthday and not do what I wanted to do.. so we stopped at the chocolate store and the teacher store!!! Bless his heart for listening to be drool over teacher supplies and candy!

Later that night the whole family got together for pizza for Mike and his brother's birthday! :) Who does not love SNOW-COASTER PIZZAS and Cake!!

Let's face it a vacation to Wisconsin would totally not be complete without a cook out in the cold! So after a few days of hanging out we were able to grill out!

Nearing the end of our Wisconsin vacation we stopped into grandma's with Jerry's Doughnuts to say Good-Bye to our family and thank them for all they have provided us with during the vacation!

We geared up and hit the road for MICHIGAN!

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