Friday, June 14, 2013

On the road to MICHIGAN!

With everything all packed up we headed over to visit my family in MICHIGAN! 
Here the weather was less cold and more rainy ...which was okay with us... 

 When we arrived my family was all working so we sat and waited... and than headed out on a few adventures! Shopping, Lunches, Breakfast, Mexican Food, Site Seeing and Ect. I love being Dutch and being from small town HOLLAND!

It took Mike and I 5 whole years to realize that a vacation is not about pleasing others. It is about US and having time together as a family .. relaxing! So with the 2 weeks that we traveled we found it to be amazingly RELAXING! We took naps, had no care in the world and remembered what mattered the most FAMILY!

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  1. That sounds nice! I have always wanted to visit that area :)