Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Birthday Week! I never imagined that I would turn 26 years old.. and have all that I have been blessed with... an amazing job, family, support system, husband, living in Florida, owning a house, owning a car!!! Hey... its the small things.. at 20 I was just living with my parents, partying and working... to party. I never lived a crazy life.. just a life that tend to get out of focused. Today I am truly BLESSED and feeling old.. although I know its just the start of all the amazing things God has in store for me and my family. We started off the week with dinner with friends and a parade for our local pirate festival. I came home to amazing flowers and melted chocolates from my in laws (YES I ATE THE MELTED CHOCOLATES). The next day my co-workers showered me with gifts and lunch. I was all smiles... May 31st was the last day of work for me.. Maternity Leave here I come.. I was proud to say that I worked as far as I did.. working with kids and being overly prego.. makes things harder and days longer... but it was all worth it that Mayana and I made it! :) That night dinner plans by Mike at Fridays and I came home to a card that made me cry.. and a foot bath. Amen for that foot bath. We finished my Birthday Week on Saturday as we geared up for a Mexican Fiesta hosted by my friends Lucy and John. All the ladies made the treats and they provided the TACOS!!! The men played poker and us ladies played Loteria! Having friends that become your family help you as your away from your family on days like your birthday!

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