Monday, December 29, 2014

The Call Of Netflix...

It happens to the best of us ... 
I have found myself night after night losing touch with the world and sitting for hours on end watching show after show. May is always like clock work down for the count between 6/7pm leaving the night for random things that need to get done and shows to be watched. 
I find that now is the time to watch them because there is not another soul in the house wanting the remote... 
The Netflix app is downloaded on my phone,iPad and Xbox! Some nights I am in the living room but most nights the IPad tends to be in the office with me as I craft and get things done on the computer. So... What am I watching you ask!? 

This last one is called "Call of the Midwives" it's a BBC show and has about 3 seasons. Takes place in an era of time where the midwives tend to pregnant wives in their home with an at home birth. Something about babies and there call for duty makes me love watching this show. 

I have also kept up with a few reality shows on Bravo... But that's another post in itself! ;) 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Week Has Ended...

I Every year I get one week off of work nearing Christmas. I am beyond grateful for a week of organizing, cleaning and catching up on things that seem to go un-done. 

However that week has officially come to an end tonight. Tomorrow I will wake up early and head back into the classroom for some cleaning. I am sure my ratio will be a little lower than normal but I am honestly not ready. 

I have been able to  watch TV, stay locked in wearing my sweat pants and spend quality time with May. I feel that all my time with her is quality but when you work and she is in school... we tend to only get a few hours before it is time for bed. 

Today we finished the day off watching the Packers take home a victory over the Lions, Chatting with Mike via Facetime and Dancing the night away with Laurie Berkner on the ipad. 

We even spent lunch with an amazing little group and ventured into the play area. 

I am praying for cold coffee int he AM to help me get through the day. Most of my nights I have been up since 2-3am crafting and watching Netflix... 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

This year its just a little different. 
The stockings were hung, the tree was up..and we went to see Santa in November .. to allow for everyone to take part together in our home. 
 We did everything like we normally do every year but something was just missing... and although that something was missing... we made do...

We spread Christmas cheer and ended our night holding one another tight. Celebrating the blessings that the Lord has given us .... 

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st!

It is beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!!

December 1st marked the first day of Mike's going away and ... the first day of a few of our activities for the busy month.

Today I was by far tired... I woke up feeling like bricks. Thank the Lord I found the strength to prep us for the day the night before.

We headed to a long day at work.

Then shortly after work we dressed and headed out the door for our local Christmas Parade. YES!!! on a Monday night the parade started at 6:30 and ended at 9:00. I had one tired screaming child who was ready to sleep. I am more and more Thankful for my derby team and my amazing friends who always seem to become May's second parents.

on a high note we are one day down and our ELF made an appearance today!  Silly ELF!!! GO PACK GO!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

D. Day!

Again .. once again ... we packed his bags and dropped him off.

This is twice in a year and although I think it will get easier. It does not.. and it only does not because of our growing family.

As a mom and wife I find being a Military Wife rewarding and a life of learning to be independent. That means although it is not easy .. I HAVE to make it work and well... I always do make it work because my family needs me to.

I am thankful this go around to have an amazing support system and a close friend who has a husband gone with mine.

So lets recap...
6:00am comes early  Mike was getting ready and I on the other hand had heavy eyes and a heavy heart. We got May ready and headed on base to get Mike checked in...

the day was spent with a breakfast, church , Revenge (the show) and grocery shopping. Thank you Lauren for helping us today! I know we have a long road ahead of us but I know with our friendship we will concur this Deployment!

Forever My Blog...


I have been LOST!

Lost in a world of family, work, being a mommy, being a wife, skating.. and well the list goes on....

but as I always say this blog have always been here waiting for my in my "Pursuit of Happy-Ness".

2014 has been busy and coming to a end soon.

So here I am in December trying my best to complete the month in blogging about the random things that will occur in my life for the month of December and I am hoping that in that time.. I will lead into the first month of 2015 blogging my life away .. and preserving moments that will last forever.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello 2014,

Living on the coast makes NEW YEARS always weird. 
All my life I have been used to the ball dropping in the northern time zone.. right at midnight... right along with the TV. 
Here in FL every year is drops at 11.. you say YAY understand it is not the right time where you live.. and wait.. another hour!!! :) and :(

This year it was filled with a lunch date to start the day off.. it has just been Mayana and I for sometime... and well having playdates with amazing friends is always helpful.. 

McDonalds here we come and Mayana got a gift from her sweet friends. These two little ones have been in our lives for a LONG TIME.. and always make us smile! They are such smarties in the making cause of their amazing momma.

We than took a trip to Target with Ms. Lauren and headed home to get ready for some fun at our place. Mayana's FL God Parents were headed over to hang out...
We grilled out ...played games.. and tried to stay up way past our time.

We got our first official call and he has landed! <3 br="">

The Day That Has Made Me Strong Again...

I have always been pretty independant... I thank my dad and Mike for that. They are the two men in my life that push me to want more... 

However.. I am a new, working mommy... and sometimes lost in the mix and playing catch up.. and in the middle of all of it ... I fall short and rely on Mike to help... 

for today Dec. 29. 2013 I become INDEPENDENT again...

We woke up early... the house was was quiet... the morning was filled with barks, baby crys, the sounds of bags packing and just a little past ten the sound of the clippers getting ready to give the standard military haircut. 

Just a few hours later.. lunch at panera.. and solid CYA LATER on base. I never cry in front of him.. I won't allow myself...for back in the day.. crying was not allowed every lady during the WWII era wanted to leave a solid imagine of themselves in their other half's head.. and that has always been my motto... I do however get in the car and drive off and once I hit a certain spot the tears always fall... my future will be different for awhile it will take some adjustment to be the long list of things that I need to be for my FAMILY!

... way different.. it will be filled with just me being mom, working, derby... and relying on a village to help raise my child.

I would be lying to you if I did not say I see tears in my future...... I do .. but they are tears of someone who is trying.. trying hard to be the best I can be at everything I am given in life.. 

May the next few months go by fast! May the continue to be blessed and may we be looked after..

A little before 2014'

The month of December was just one big BLUR.. 

We stayed in the moment ... held one another tight.. and spent time with the ones we loved. 

No one said .. that nearing the end of Dec. life would really change.... 

So here is a mini recap.

Mayana was overly blessed this Christmas and we were overly blessed to have her this Christmas! We started new traditions as a FAMILY of four and added in old traditions from our families in the north. 
Christmas was hard this year... we truly were in the moment but just a few days later Mike would be leaving us for another tour of duty. Our hearts were heavy and most night consisted of placing Mayana down to sleep early and staying up till 2am with beers in our hands and stories of our younger days! :)