Friday, June 14, 2013

Cupcake Shower for a Princess #1 !

I have loved our local Cupcakery from day one of it opening! 
The Cupcakery always provided Mike and I with a tiny sweet date or a tiny surprise during an achievement or romantic moment in our lives! So I was beyond blessed to have my first BABY SHOWER at the Cupcakery!
I was only allowed to invite a certain amount of people to this shower .. so I made it a close friend event. With a group of 20-30 ladies who truly have each made a little to a whole lot of impact on my life here in FLORIDA! 

We truly had an amazing time and are blessed to have the local cupcakery!!! :) They as well as the group of friends who helped set up and their husbands who were put to work to make this shower possible!

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