Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday ...

October, 17 is my dad's birthday..
The pain still sits..of how much I miss that man and all he did for my family and I. Today I took my lunch break and felt like a fool crying in a McDonald's eating a happy meal and telling my husband that it is just not fair... He has been gone since 2007 and you would think it would become easyer to deal with the pain of losing a parent but it is not. The pain becomes more real on certain dates... when I am 1000's of miles away from my father's stone and my family who are tending to dinner in honor of him. Today I went to work and was an awe... as I listened to my ten children talk about their daddy's and how much they loved the little things that they did for them. I remember my dad for his smile for the moments he would tell me that he loved me...because I MADE HIM A DAD! I will never forget his HOPE for me.. his dreams for me to have a education and to always strive for so much more in life. I will remember him for rubbing my back, clearing away my tears and always telling me he loved me. 
As I sit here with a glass of wine and tears running down my cheeks.. I understand that no matter how hard this journey gets with him being gone.. I will always have the little things to remember him... I will always understand that he is always watching over me and guiding me.

I truly am blessed to have a father in my life.. and one who CARED enough to show me the true meaning of living life!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Be The Smile On A Childs Face

Mike and I have spent the last two weekends at Soccer Games!

I happen to have 4 little ones in my life that are playing soccer for our local youth soccer league. These little ones are the children that I spend Monday-Friday teaching. I have heard all about Soccer this and that for awhile now and decided since they are all playing on the same league to pay them a visit and cheer them on. I even made a t-shirt and was told that I am in fact their #1 fan!
I Love Soccer
And.. Grayson, Will, Campbell, Noah

 These little ones make me proud because over the last two weekends I have seen them grow into a little soccer players. A couple still have trouble hitting the field and tears still enter their eyes if a play goes wrong, but at the end of the game they are full of SMILES.

Here are a few more picture that a awesome mom let me use for my blog!
Mike and I with some of our favorite soccer players!

Look at his face! He is waving to me from the field!

At the end of the day.. I want these children to remember me.. for the teacher that I am.Also for the  values that I have helped them build within my time with them as young children. I will hope that they will gain a foundation for life-long learning and come back to me one day to THANK me for the adults that they are becoming because of the help I gave them. Teaching is a job that is about giving. The reciving comes from the smiles that they give you daily.

Top Military Family Blogs 2011

Who ME!? Yes Me!

I am overly proud to announce that

has named my little blog one of the "Top Military Family Blogs" for the year 2011! You can head on over to there site to view a full list of all the other blogs that they have listed. I am very excited for other bloggers and myself that are on the list!


Couponing 101

I always hear people say this to couponers..

"You tend to buy things that you do not need"
"You use a coupon because you have it.."

This is not true for me. I have been couponing for sometime now and have learned the method that works best for me and my family.
First, I gather my coupons from sunday papers, online, and ect. I cut them and place them in a binder that is divided to my liking. I cut them all because at the end of the month all expired and non used coupons go into a envalope that gets donated to the military overseas to use at their local BX, PX, Commisary or ect. Plus if you look at it you never know which coupon you might need and when you might need it.
Hey it is FREE money!
Secound, I get my Sunday ads and I start to match up with the items that I am going to buy. I also use online databases that help make my trips easyer! I do only buy what I can use within my home or what I can donate to others. If your going to get it for FREE or a good deal you should take it becasue you can always find someone who will need it.
Another idea is I put boxes together for my husbands friends that are overseas with the military. I also place boxes together for familiy members who are in college and might be straped for cash. Here are a few pictures of my "Coupon Haul's. I have prefected useing at CVS and try to stick to were I am comfortable useing my coupons.

The last picture is a Sunday night of TV, being sick and clipping! I would say all the items you see I got for less than $150.00 out of pocket. I want to stress that I do use coupons often but not ALL the time. I still eat out and pay regular price for a ton of items. However if I do have a coupon that will help me I do use it to get a deal.

If you would like to learn more about couponing just let me know I am more than willing to help and share a few tips. I taught my little sister a while back how to do it and she is becoming really good at getting deals now with coupons!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Whole NEW..


Not really.. its still the old blog and me.. but.. I am revamped!
Thanks to a wonderful gal who spent  hours working on my blog and perfecting it to look and reflect me and my little life.

Ms. Kaili Breanne you work wonders!
Head on over to her blog and add her by clicking on the name Utterly Chaotic Designs.You can also catch her on FACEBOOK just click on the FB title. She does all customs and offers discount to military and if your not military well her packages are still at an awesome rate. Tell her I sent ya!

I am still working on some of the pages and titles within my blog. I hope to have it all done and complete by next week so bare with me becaue I have some exciting news to share! In the mean time grab my "NEW" button and join in on all the fun.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Can See All...

 I have the live feed on here that will allow me to see who is viewing my site and from where! I love the fact that I am able to see who all is visiting and from which city - state they live within. The live feed will even break it down to how they got to my blog and how long! AWESOME!

For most bloggers know there are some people in life that we block out from certain areas in our life. Those people tend to find themselves searching for ways to find anything and everything. If you are that person please stay away. You personally do not want to talk to me so I am not sure why you would search for my blog and read up on my little life. 

If you are a friend and fellow blogger please enjoy! :) Life is a great journey in which I am willing to share with those that care!