Friday, June 15, 2012

Never Leaving Me!

Well it has been a really long time since my last post.. where I poured out my heart with a session on TEACHING!

I since than have been through so many ups and downs ..
lets see..

Hubby Home
Back in School
Weight Lose

and well the list goes on.. I will never be able to post everything in my life in a blog.. but I will be able to post here and there if I keep at it.. one thing I have learned about my blog is that it never gives up on me.. but somehow I always give up on it for moments..

None the less I am posting a small post about .. how I WILL be blogging more about lifes RANTS and RAVES!

Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Teacher's Words...

It truly has been sometime since I have posted.. I had high hopes of posting more while the Mr. was away but life always takes over in the most random ways.. and I keep busy.

One of the things that consumes my life is TEACHING. I have the passion and dedication like no other to be a lasting impression on my young ones that I am with daily.
I stive to be creative in my teaching style and to always put a smile on the little faces of the ones who enter my life.

Over the course of two years I have been in two settings and I have earned my degree in the field of  Early Childhood Education to help me stive to me the BEST that I can be.

This week I relized two things. No matter what I will always remember the little ones who have enter into my life. I will always hope that when I am old and they have grown... that they will remember me for making them laugh, making them love to learn and for always being there for them.

I truly think that I hold these values at this point in my life beause I have no children of my own and well thats a story in itself.

I can assure you that as I type this... I am crying because I have just entered a point in my life... the point in which... I cry because I want to make sure I am doing what I should be as a teacher. More effort goes into my job and classroom than most tend to see. If I am crying it is because I am the one teacher WHO CARES the one teacher who is not there to collect a rate or a paycheck.

 I sat down for a number of parent conferences this week. The conferences all went well and I have a few who are leaving VPK and entering into a whole mew little world of THE BIG KID SCHOOL. I have a few who will stay behind and with me for another year of learning.

I can only hope that in my later life... I will run into these little ones and they will say "HEY MRS. MONICA!" than ask me to give them a "OH YEAH".

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love That Last Forever...

I always think that the longer that you are together for more that you can overcome and that there is just something about old fashion love that make LOVE LOVE.
My granparents celebrated their birthdays with a big group of family and friends tonight in Holland, MI!
{Photo Courtesy Of Joanna Ybarra}
 They have been married for YEARS and are so happy and loved. Can you imagine turning 70 and realizing that you have spent most of your life with the love of your life...
insert "sigh" here.. tonight I am missing HOME. I sit typing this with tears down my eyes because the house is quiet and well its just me. Holland is having a big party with all my family and close family friends.. and overseas my husabnd is sleeping in the top bunk of a tiny room. Life is still moving and I can old wish my granparents the BEST and many more years to come. May one day Mike and I's love be as old and happy as their love for one another.

MyMemories Suite/GIVEAWAY!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I was bound to make this a good one.. mind you were Irish! Well my hubby is and I tagged along after we got married. WE LOVE Saint Patrick's Day! However sadly we do not have the luck of the Irish when it comes to being together for this day.

Lambeau and I geared up for a Doggy 5k. We had a group of awesome friends tag along with us to join in the spirit. We finished the 5k in 1hour and 6min and we did AWESOME each and everyone of us!

So here are a few pictures of Lambeaus first 5k and let me add it was a first for many doggies today!

All in a days partying!

Moving Foward!

Sometimes you just need to keep on truckin'..

and well that is what I have been trying to do. I am still doing the same old work, school.. blah blah blah haha! That consumes a great portion of my life ALL THE TIME.. but a little heart makes me STOP.

LAMBEAU... hello.. make my heart melt! He truly is all I have while the Mr. is away. Normally... he is home Monday-Friday all alone. He gets Mr. Steve(Mike's Co-Worker) to come in a feed him about noon and take him out to run around for a bit.. then it is right back intot he cage! :(

I decided that I would enroll "Bizzle" into our local doggy CDC two time a week. This would give him a breake from the cage, Mr. Steve a break for lunches and me a break when he gets home. So this week we labeled his playthings, packed him up and well LAMBEAU had his first day at SCHOOL! He loved it and was way tired at the end of the day!

I was told that he is a ball of energy.. but needless to say is making tons of friends! I on the other hand cried when I droped him off and was so ready to pick him up.. but I have seen him grow and he is learning tons of new things.

Here are a few pictures of his first day!

In The CAR!

Lambeau's Teachers Took This Picture For Me On His FIRST DAY!!! <3


I truly encourage every doggy parent to think about enrolling in for a day or two... :) It helps him when he is out socially around other dogs. It makes his sleepy in the night time.. and well it is plain fun for him .. Would you want to be locked up all day?? I did not think so..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Outlaw Platoon!

I was recently contacted to review OUTLAW PLATOON book. When doing background research while I was waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail I found a number of different news pieces on this amazing story. I raved about it to my husband and than when the mail arrived and it was sitting on my kitchen counter it was taken from me by my soldier. He has taken this book with him on his journey. I am sure this book is right where it needs to be.. in the hands of a working soldier! I am interested to get the inside scoop from him after he is done reviewing it for himself! I encourage everyone to pick up this book! I have attached a clip and a little bit of info on the book. You can google search on how to purchase it .. and please remember "if you can't stand behind our soldiers.. please feel free to stand in front of them"!

— A searing and unforgettable story of friendship in battle, OUTLAW PLATOON is Lieutenant Sean Parnell’s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division’s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have been dreading this post for fear of REALITY..
needless to say this week was a FULL REALITY!!! Everything went extra long and was extra LAME may I add from being sick, locking a dog out of the HOUSE, and just plan TIRED..

Okay I will stop with the CAPS!

Finally after that last post and that last update .. my Mr. is finally GONE in a whole different location.
This was far short notice but we are trying to make due.
So I will leave you with a few pictures from the event.... of our "c-ya later"

The day he left we took a small family photo "THANK YOU HOLLY" for comming over on short notice!

Moments before he left... :) Did I mention this CAMO makes him soo HOTT!

I will remind you that I did not cry for the fact of .. it was short noticed and I was tired and because we have a "WWII Kinds LOVE". You know where pictures and letters take forever so for that last moment before he leaves you give him the biggest hug, kiss, and it is imprinted in his brain forever!

Mike will be safe .. and in the hands of GOD on his journey to protecting our country!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here We Go AGAIN!...

A Tiny Update!
Why did I say "UM" fifty million time... well because my head is not on the right way.. to much going on and to think about. I hope this helps...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Love Is Far Away!!!

Sometime or another you will be seprated from your loved one for a brief moment. Can you think of  something that you will truly miss about that person? 
Well with Mike there is a LIST!!! .. and well that list is LONG! So I am going to share two of the crazy ones that I always miss when we are separated by duty.

I love this stuff.. and I somehow can never make it quiet as good as Mike. So I never eat it when he is away unless it is the tiny microwave ones.

I confess if he is sleeping in the morning.... I wake up to get dressed and I am loud! Lights on doors opening .. well you get the point. He will than wake up and I ask him sweetly to please make me coffee and or course he makes the best morning coffee ever.

Last night via messenger I was able to talk to him for a brief moment... here is a little bit of on conversation....

  • Michael
    • Baby!
      Hey baby I finally found a comp and wanted to say I love you and miss you like crazy!I want to hear your voice again!lol..I hope you and my little bizzle are holding up!I saw you read books!ohh la la!work is beyond super busy I'm burnt out but lAs a wife you ooking at pics of you 2 keeps me going lol..I love you mucho mucho!muah..hope this brightened your day a little
  • Monica
    • When are you coming home??
    • I miss you!!!
  • Michael
    • Hopefully soon!

      As a Military Spouse please remember OPSEC! I was a bit overwhelmed because I have not heard from him in days and I asked a non appropriate question! "When Are You Coming Home"..I think it just rolled out natural because we had never been in this situation.. but he sure answered like a true soldier.