Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Teacher's Words...

It truly has been sometime since I have posted.. I had high hopes of posting more while the Mr. was away but life always takes over in the most random ways.. and I keep busy.

One of the things that consumes my life is TEACHING. I have the passion and dedication like no other to be a lasting impression on my young ones that I am with daily.
I stive to be creative in my teaching style and to always put a smile on the little faces of the ones who enter my life.

Over the course of two years I have been in two settings and I have earned my degree in the field of  Early Childhood Education to help me stive to me the BEST that I can be.

This week I relized two things. No matter what I will always remember the little ones who have enter into my life. I will always hope that when I am old and they have grown... that they will remember me for making them laugh, making them love to learn and for always being there for them.

I truly think that I hold these values at this point in my life beause I have no children of my own and well thats a story in itself.

I can assure you that as I type this... I am crying because I have just entered a point in my life... the point in which... I cry because I want to make sure I am doing what I should be as a teacher. More effort goes into my job and classroom than most tend to see. If I am crying it is because I am the one teacher WHO CARES the one teacher who is not there to collect a rate or a paycheck.

 I sat down for a number of parent conferences this week. The conferences all went well and I have a few who are leaving VPK and entering into a whole mew little world of THE BIG KID SCHOOL. I have a few who will stay behind and with me for another year of learning.

I can only hope that in my later life... I will run into these little ones and they will say "HEY MRS. MONICA!" than ask me to give them a "OH YEAH".