Our Love Story

Well is all started in the Summer of 07'
A girl from Holland, Michigan waiting tables and making her way through college.

and a USAF A1C from Two Rivers, Wisconsin who was stationed in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

I bet your wondering how they met.. well they were friends since 6th grade. They always kept in touch and in 2007 the girl above got diagnoised with Breast Cancer and that nice Airman asked her to take a vacation to Florida to relax from all that was going on. After one week in Florida they were SOUL MATES!
After only a little while of dating they took a trip to Wisconsin and the girl above was made into a GREEN BAY PACKER FAN on Nov. 23.07.. when that man proposed at Lambeau Field home of the packers.

It was on April 4 08 when they got married! The girl above lost her father in December of 07' and could not see herself walking down a isle without her dad by her side. So they decided to get married were it all started in Florida.

Today they still are stationed in Florida and living happily ever after..