Monday, June 17, 2013

All Ready!

The bags are packed... 
Maternity Leave has started and we are just waiting for my MOM to arrive! 
Mike keeps checking up every now and than to make sure that I am relaxing. I promise I am as I clear out the DVR!

We are officially 39 weeks and have Lambeau's stuff in order for his friends that will help us when we go into labor and our bags are waiting right by the door! .. OH I know you see some ABU...Mike's bags are in order as well because he could be called in at any moment to fly out for an exercise! I am a little worried about him leaving for the exercise but not to much being that I have my system in order for who to call and ect. We will be glad when little Mayana is HERE!!!

Treating A Teacher To A THANK YOU!

 You get those few moments in your life... when a parent just reaches out and give you a handful of LOVE! :) I tend to get those moments more than a few times. I often find myself overly spoiled by the parents in my classroom. They always remember to say Thank You...and remind me every now and than that although I demand a lot and can be a pain in the bottom.. I am doing a good job in teaching their children! How awesome are some of these TREATS!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Birthday Week! I never imagined that I would turn 26 years old.. and have all that I have been blessed with... an amazing job, family, support system, husband, living in Florida, owning a house, owning a car!!! Hey... its the small things.. at 20 I was just living with my parents, partying and working... to party. I never lived a crazy life.. just a life that tend to get out of focused. Today I am truly BLESSED and feeling old.. although I know its just the start of all the amazing things God has in store for me and my family. We started off the week with dinner with friends and a parade for our local pirate festival. I came home to amazing flowers and melted chocolates from my in laws (YES I ATE THE MELTED CHOCOLATES). The next day my co-workers showered me with gifts and lunch. I was all smiles... May 31st was the last day of work for me.. Maternity Leave here I come.. I was proud to say that I worked as far as I did.. working with kids and being overly prego.. makes things harder and days longer... but it was all worth it that Mayana and I made it! :) That night dinner plans by Mike at Fridays and I came home to a card that made me cry.. and a foot bath. Amen for that foot bath. We finished my Birthday Week on Saturday as we geared up for a Mexican Fiesta hosted by my friends Lucy and John. All the ladies made the treats and they provided the TACOS!!! The men played poker and us ladies played Loteria! Having friends that become your family help you as your away from your family on days like your birthday!

Walk It OUT!!!

I truly have never done a Relay for Life event.. so this was my first! 
I was signed up on my Roller Derby Team and My Early Childhood Team.
Walking was an option but at a very slow pace. After a long day of work I headed home, changed, picked up Mike and we got ready to WALK IT OUT with Lucy. 
Lucy's dad is a Cancer Survivor and I am as well so we walked proud and with meaning!!! Until we saw FOOD and Cups with BLING! ;)

3d/4d Anniversary Date!

Mike's Big Gift! 
We both took a half day of work and headed over to have a Mini 3d/4d Anniversary Date.

We were overly excited for our one hour session of baby music and pictures of Mayana on a 50' flat screen TV with my ultrasound on it! 

33 weeks and counting!

Melt my heart I am now dieing to meet her in person! haha! I do recommend anyone who is expecting to get a 3/d or 4/d done. Tricare will not cover the scan but it is an awesome treat for you and your spouse! She is so clear in the photo!!

Hammond Wedding!

Ms. Holly and I have known one another for a little over 2 years now! I have come to see her grow in those two years into an amazing teacher, professional and friend. Over the course of those years we celebrated so many accomplishments together. Last year she asked me to be one of her Maid of Honors in her up and coming wedding! I gladly said "YES" and than realized that I would be a big eight and a half month prego at this wedding! It truly did not change my outlook but moving became slow and swelling became an issue a week before the wedding. Not to mention the dress was a big issue as well.. zippers did not go up more down.. pray for me and HER..

The ladies we work with.. we drive one another crazy.. but that is what happens when you are family!

Mr. Ryan!

Bestie Kisses!


Melt My Heart! Look at the LOVE!!! :)

Our relaxing shirts!

After a long night of dancing, smile and a sonic pit stop.. I came home to this all put up as a surprise! It was purchased by our aunt on vacation and Mike finally had time to put it in her ROOM!
Crafty-Ness for the Bride! Her bridal First Aid Kit! It held all the last min. things a bride would need JUST IN CASE!

None the less.. her wedding day was amazing. Ryan and Holly are on a journey to MILITARY LIFE as Mr. & Mrs. Which I am sure the calling will never end because.... we who are military know that .. life is not always pretty on the Military End! I wish them the best of LUCK in all they do TOGETHER..

My Advice For A Happy Military Marriage!
-Smile, Laugh, Love
-Always remember it's not his fault when he walks out that door on duty!

Moving Along On The House!

Lets just face it my list was LONG! Not only was it long my life was crazy. With the help of great friends the room was painted and all her little letters got done in one night of laughs and pizza! Thank you Lucy and John! As for all the other stuff it all came together SLOWLY and with TIME. Bless Mike's heart for all of my crazy DIY projects. He has now expressed that DIY is not his favorite and he would love to just spend the extra money and buy it new.. I on the other hand am not backing down from being crafty. With just one baby a whole house changes .. a whole lot.. from counter space, bathroom space, ROOM SPACE you name it .. it has to get done.. unless I am just OCD! 

Here are a few pictures from our journey!

Vacation Re-Cap!

After two long weeks on the road and traveling! We managed to hit 30 weeks and feel overly relaxed.
We had boxes filled with stuff to put away and a baby room to get started. So with that ... we traveled 19 hours back to FLORIDA! We did not drive straight to Florida we STOPPED at my favorite little stop of all time! Bowling Green, KY. We always  try to spend out last night on vacation together in a nice room with nice take out dinner that we bring back because of Lambeau! We relax as a family and recenter before we get back to our REAL LIFE jobs and ect. So with that being said VACATION 2013' was truly accomplished! 

Now this is what was left at the door for us! Thank god for my mom's work and their shipping help we were able to get everything home with room for Lambeau in my tiny PT!

Michigan Baby Shower #5 !

Having a baby shower in my family is like INVITING the world. Well it is mostly because in a town like Holland where you have lived there forever... you know the world!
This shower was truly a blessing and filled with love and tons of people who I have grown up around. 
My mom was overly excited and with the help of the rest of her family (cousins, aunts, uncles) it truly was amazing! 

Now let me tell you getting it all home after two big vacation showers.. was the worst! I have never packed so many boxes to send home for one little girl! So spoiled and she is yet to be born!