Friday, September 23, 2011

Room Mom 101 !

Alright I am NO MOM!
However I feel like one Monday-Friday.. where I spend most of my hours in a classroom with 10 children who make me strive for so much more. I get to see their little minds grow with curiosity and eagerness to learn. I feed them, read to them, and put them down for a nap as if they were my own. At the end of the day I head home to a husband who listen to my long day.
I love spending my time creating for my classroom and I am in love with this blog that gives me ideas and helps me grow as a teacher.


A few weeks back I wrote to the owner of the blog sharing some of my ideas! She messaged me back and I was on cloud 9 because I was featured on ROOM MOM 101! 
I created a tree for my writing center that was inspired by a children's book.

Here is the link to read the post! Just click on the next sentence to check it out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scentsy Addiction!

I have a slight addiction to Scentsy. Lets just say I have a two bedroom apartment with a living area and kitchen. I happen to have six warmers going at all times! Yikes! haha!
However my place does smell amazing!
Recently I purchased these..
I paid $3.00 for them. They are designed to help to clean out your warmers easy and mess free! Well lets just say they did not work to well for me! I was way sad because I thought that I would be able to use my wax again and I could not with these tabs. Plus the tab came out without any of the wax on it making for a HUGE mess!
So here is a trick! My mom makes candles for a company called "Lakeshore Candle Company". When I went home on vacation in July I opened her freezer and found tons of candle votives. I asked her why they were in the freezer and she said she was cleaning out the wax. SURPRISE! I came home and tried it on my Scentsy Warmers and TA DA! They came right out and were mess free. Now all you have to do it pop the top half in the freezer for about a hour or so.. and then it will pop right out and you just wipe it clean!

Also if you want to buy "Scentsy" or Lakeshore Candles just click on the names of the companys that are in quotes and it will send you to a link to purchase!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So as it looks...

Sadly I have been posting about once a whole month lately.
Why? Well like normal life is CRAZY!
I have so much on my mind and so little time to get anything accomplished. can call me the YES GIRL. Lately that is how life have been YES I can do this for you.. YES I will meet you there..YES I have time for that. 
Sadly here I am at my breaking point BURNT OUT! 
Everyone has a breaking point and everyone gets burnt out. I am trying to find ways to catch up and cope with the thought of being so tired to get just the bare min. done daily. I want to learn to find time to kick my feet up with a good book and just read with a glass of wine. But this week that is not in the plans with school work and other things to attend to.. so I leave you at this.. I WILL FIND TIME and when I do I will gladly post about it.. in the mean time I am getting ready for bed.
Tmrw I have a long day of work and a ZUMBA class that I am way excited for with an awesome group of ladies. Wish us luck because we will be in the back row trying to keep up with the ones in the front row!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember 9.11.01

I remember it was my freshman year in high school. When our Gym class came in from a full hour of soccer outside. The tv showed CNN and the events of NY. Had I known at that point that the events of 9/11 would change my life? No.. I was young and news was not important. Until I sat in my History class and my teacher at the time explaned all the events in more detail to our class. He expressed that from this point on time will change, people will change, and the events of 9/11 will forever be apart of our lives.
My husband joined the USAF for the the sole purpose to make a difference.. to help in the events that occured and to defend the freedom of others in the USA. He was not my husband nor my boyfriend at the time just a friend.. and their I was marrying someone who was apart of the U.S military and a sending him off to fight in a war that directly relates to the attack on 9/11.
I will always remember this day for the ones who serve, protect and fight for our country. However not only the ones who serve the ones who at that moment in time became "HEROS" without even knowing it.. their families and friends are forever in my thoughts and prayers!