Sunday, March 17, 2013

Announcing To Our Friends & Family!

Team AnaHeim told the world with two different cards! 

Card One...
Card Two...

We are so excited to meet our little one ... who is nicknamed MAY MAY!!!

Part Two BABY! :)

These are the ones that tell our BABY story...

We are expecting a GIRL!!!

As We Strung The World Along..

The month of Febuary happen to be the best month in our little household.. 
our tiny belly was growing and well the world wanted to know 
Little MAN Or Little MISS

Since Facebook is one of my favorite addictions.. we decided to ask the FB world what they thought we were going to have.. and well they VOTED!!!

As they casted their personal vote and shared the LOVE.. I on the other hand was planning a photo shoot to tell the world...
Ali happens to be the mother of one of the most spirited little girls I know in my classroom. After much research I knew with her business Plumb Photography and her awesome skills.. she would capture the magic and love that Mike and I share for one another...

We have many to thank for our awesome photos...

-3 Dogs and A Chick
-Cupcakery By The Sea
-Plumb Photography
-Facebook Family and Friends
-The Lovely Downtown of FWB

(Shopping and keeping it LOCAL is what it is all about in a community of LOVE)

Here are the pictures that made our hearts sink!

and this is only PART ONE! ;)