Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Month Down.

This has been a fast month! I am sure it was due to the holidays and ect. That I am a little late on this post but ... ;) here we are ...

December 2014
We are on our second Deployment this year.. Look how small she was .. 

January 2014

New Year New Post

Happy 2015! 
This is my first post of 2015 and let's just say we are 11 days in and I am feeling powerful! 
The New Year was rang in with an amazing group of people who hold dear to my heart. 
We celebrated with music... silliness... and a visitor from TEXAS my sweet HOLLY!! 

This is May and I's second New Year without the Mr. I sent him off with an open at midnight box in a care package with a little Hersey Kiss ;) 

I know many say making resolutions are not needed but I feel like it's a new year ... and the start ... The start for me of getting healthy, praying to the lord, being organized and giving to those who need the lifting around me. 

May we all find strength to be the difference in 2015!