Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis' The Season!


We had a great day and we are now relaxing! I wanted to share this photo of my husband!
It was his first Christmas alone here in Florida 2006'!
God had blessed us with one another! We are very thankful for the military and our life here together!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things You Should Know About Me.. If We Are Going To Be BFF!

I have seen this posted on a few blogs the last couple of days and I wanted to join in the fun!
If you to link up here is a the link to where it is all happening!
Here we go.. are you ready!

-I am Monica, I am 23 years old.
-I am a Air Force Wife and Teacher to the next generation.
-I come off as over-bearing because I can make friends with almost ANYONE!
-I like beer and movies.
-I love taking PICTURES!! Gotta Love Canon!
-I am addicted to Scrapbooking and crafting.
-I run a small bus. called A Touch Of A Hero.. we help support the troops!
-I only drink out of BIG BOTTLES of water.
-I am addicted to Tervis Tumblers and CUPS!
-I eat healthy and am always sick grrr.
-I have only lived in two states.
-My lucky number is 7...
-I love to read.
-Rap music is my thing.. and a little ROCK N. ROLL
-I would marry Elvis P. if he was still alive..
-I always lose my cell phone.. and debit card.
-My husband is my world and he pretty much knows it.. :)

If you wanna join in.. HAVE AT IT.. I am excited to read others!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wisconsin In A Package!

I always love the holidays because we tend to ALWAYS get a piece of home from either Michigan or Wisconsin! This time is was WISCONSIN! Mikes family send us a big box for Christmas filled with goodies and we are very thankful for all that was in it...when you are military anything that reminds you of home helps during the holidays. 

On a different note... I am catching the BUG during my one week off with my Mr. Grr! I hope it goes away before our New Years Trip!

Monica A. Heimes

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Santa Came Early..

To drop off a few gifts!
My husband is horrible at keeping surprises from me.. I will give it to him.. I still have gifts from him under the tree! 
He did some shopping yesterday all on his own and came back to wrap the gifts he had bought. He clams he can wrap presents better then me.. but I don't think so.
I peeked around the corner and got this picture of him..

This afternoon after he had dinner with a friend who is in town he came home to me being sick! So he said "I am to excited want to open a present" and yes I said.. because who does not want to open up a gift before Christmas! So here it is.. and I am in love I have been wanted one of these for a while!

We will be adding new charms in for events within our life! I am excited.. I have a Breast Cancer rib. because I am a Survivor, and a Snowflake because it was a Christmas present. OH how I miss Michigan and the SNOW! 
I am excited to see what else he has for me under the tree. I feel blessed to have Mike because when I think he is not paying attention to things I might want or am talking about he really is.. I thought it was even funny that he brought out this paper that had all the little charms on it for the bracelet. It had oil and pen marks and was in his ABU's because he was thinking about what charms to get!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Oh what a task! 
I had over 120 to send out and that meant 120 address to get in order! 

and there are all the cards laying out to be labeled!
I used the computer to print out labels which made it was easier then writing them all out!
I purchased my cards with VISTAPRINT! If you have not heard of them search it 100 postcards that I decorated for $7.99 and they printed out our address on the top of each one which was less work for me. I love them I used them last year for my cards and I was impressed. 

They are simple and cute! 
Now my rant.. will they STOP raising the price of postage... I paid almost $50.00 to mail them all out! A bridie at the post office told me on Jan. 15. 2011 they will be raising the prices once again! GRRR

Oh Christmas Tree...

This little Christmas tree has been with us since we started dating..
Our first Christmas together was in the Winter of 2007'.
Mike was in Florida and I was in Michigan.
So Mike bought this tree for my trip to Florida in April of 2008' where we set it up in his little dorm room and had Christmas....and here we are in 2010'.
I know I know.. but I have an emotional attachment to this little tree its little branches have provided the strength to hang ornament after ornament. Our tree consist of ornaments passed down from generation to generation. It also hold ornaments that are given to us every year by Mikes family and mine. The star is from Wisconsin .. and took a long journey with us back here to Florida for our first MARRIED Christmas!
It is so tiny but I am in love with the History of our little tree! This picture does no Justice for what it looks like lit up in the night!

Being A Teacher.. Means Being Crafty!

This was the season for me to be crafty on a budget!
With 36 children and 12 other teachers to buy for the HOLIDAYS! 
So.. crafty I was.. here are a few pictures of some of the things I was able to make with the help of a few children and myself!
Cookies in a JAR!!! What a bargain I got the jars for 10 cents each!

Ornaments for the children to give their parents out of their hands and feet!

These are the bags I made for the 4 children in my afternoon class! I used stamps, circuit, glitter paint, and markers!

I collected these as gifts for the 4 children all under 10 dollars!

The children made the reindeer food and I scraped this for them!

I had keys donated for ACE HARDWARE and made Santa's Magic key for them!

They also painted bags and ornaments for their parents and I managed to make 30 small candy bags for under 10 dollars!
I would have to say I had tons of fun getting everything in order and making the items that I did with the children in my classroom! The holidays are around the corner and I hope that they all love their items from their children and I!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Quote ...

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."

Dr. Seuss

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Movie.. and A Movie

I know I know.. Life gets busy for the last year and a half we have been to zero movies!
Yes.. that's right zero.. we are always to tired and that's horrible.. but this week was a blessing we went to not one.. but TWO!!! haha! BEAT THAT!
They both were really good and different ..
One way funny .. one way romantic and mysterious.. all in all.. I dunno if I loved them both because I have not been to the movies in so long.. or because they both were really good!

So go check them out!
In this mean time.. its getting close to Christmas... and Christmas Cards are going out this week! Maybe I can blog about it later.. its quiet the load.. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Products for Good!

Due to my blog... I was recently contacted by a lovely lady from the company.
Products for Good!
This company is known for their Iraqi Coins that they preserve to represent the soldiers and their family who helped within the war!
I was honored with a Necklace that is for sale for the ladies who helped within the war. My husband was recently deployed and it was a eye-opener for me, to be honored by this company was amazing! I was finally getting noticed for all my hard work in being a spouse within the military. Many often think that it is the husband who is the one in the military not the wife or the family.. but I believe that behind every soldier is a family who helps keep him together!
There are a few pictures.. everything that came with my necklace was certificated. I was also given history of the company and a little on my coin!

My husband and I were also within one of there emailed newsletter! 


Here is the link if you are interested in looking into their items! They have awesome gifts to give others or even yourself!
 -Please stay tuned .. I might just have an awesome giveaway..SOON!
Thank You!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Military Crafts by Lisa!!

Okay!!! I have been a bit into spending money on MYSELF! 
haha and with the help of LISA!!!
I was able to get my second military purse!
She does an amazing job with amazing communication!
It rocks my hubby's new rank that he will sew on Jan. 1. 2011 .. I am one proud wife with this on my arm!!!

She even donated to A Touch Of A Hero!!! :)
If you are intrested go take a look at her FB page and tell her I sent ya!! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes I know it was the start of Pear Harbor.. and that was life changing for many..
but today marks something different 3 years of having my father passed away! 
I am sad and happy... my day was spend filled with laughs, tears, and memories.. 
I took today off and so did my husband and we just relaxed... I wanted to dig deep to feel my father.. and today I think I did.. We went shopping, watched a movie.. ate an awesome breakfast and mini lunch and came home to relax! I will always remember my father for all he has done for my family and I .. and for the open arms he has always had to catch me!

Love You Dad!!!