Monday, May 30, 2011

Freedom isn't FREE!

On this Monday. I am remembering all those to GAVE for my FREEDOM!
Today as I was traveling I boared a plane from Memphis and was quick to see men not in uniform but holding military bags. I am a military wife and it becomes easy to spot a man not in uniform who is serving! We are stationed at a base where within a one hour radius we have four different bases. It is important for people in the USA to remember the ones who make it all worth it to be living in this country that we call HOME! A few years back I was not to aware of the military until I met my husband.. and I can truly say today I am thankful for all the the men and women from the past and present do for my country!

Remember "All Gave Some, Some Gave All"

Happy Memorial Day!

This is a memorial located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. My husband paid tribute to a solider who was KIA.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can I get this in a MAGNET please!

I was randomly sent this great button by a friend and it pretty much sums up life for a MILITARY SPOUSE!

Hope your relaxing this weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was recently contacted by a Rep from...

This site is an amazing way for families to keep history and document amazing stories told from one generation to the next.

My husband and I recently opened out account to have him record himself reading childrens stories. Being military one day we will have a child and he will be overseas or TDY and with this site he is able to read the stories and allow our child to follow along.

You could use this site in a number or different ways and keep it in the family for a long period of time.

So the giveaway here we go..

I have 350$ in Gift Cards to giveaway! I will be giving out two 50$ gift cards that will give you 300 min. of recording time!


1. You must first check out the site!
3. Post a comment below to enter in the drawing with a small insert on your opion of the site!
To enter more then one time send pass my links for A Touch Of A Hero and In The Pursuit Of Happy-Ness and let me know!

If you check out facebook I will be giving away on A Touch Of A Hero a few gift cards.

Have Fun!

June 2nd we will announce a two WINNERS!!! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


On May 5 th I graduated.
There comes a point when all the hard work is worth it.. and that was the day. All the late nights of studying, Red Bulls, and countless times of crying all paid off!
I geared up with happy thoughts and a piece of my family with me.
All week I was Congratulated by our supportive family and friends. My family was able to watch over the computer. How amazing is technology to be able to see me walk across the stage from 1000's of miles away. Here are a few pictures of one of the happyest days of my little life.

Class of 2011 @ NWFSC

I sat in the 5th row!

Walking to get my Degree!

My dad's watch and a bracelet I had made!

My hubby and I after graduation!

Now now.. I am not fully done with my goals. I will be taking more classes at the college! I know your thinking I am crazy! The thing is I really want to get as much schooling done before we add on to our little family!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hip Hip Horray!!!

I was recently nominated as Top 25 Military Family Blogs!

So please stop by and VOTE FOR ME!!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Freedom Is Ringing Tonight!!!

and I am sure you know why!