Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Phone and Big Test!!

The Mr. and I have been talking for a while about getting new phones. I looked into it for sometime and was a little effy.. because I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BLACKBERRY.
Well after a long day at work the Mr. called and his screen was broken! After 4 hard days of thinking.. I gave in and we got the DROID X!
and now I am saying..
TOUCH SCREEN .. Where have you been my whole life?
 I am very excited to have this phone but less excited that I was getting charged 30$ to flip over my contacts after paying 400$ for two new phones.
None-the-less.. I am all over DLing APPS and very happy with the purchase! :)

My Old Blackberry!!!


This week is my half Spring Break.. and I am working in the afternoons still.. I also am studying for a big test that I have TMRW night at 5:30. This test will get my Child Development Associate!!! I am a tad big nearvous but I am praying to do very well...WISH ME LUCK!

Monday, March 21, 2011


You will always be missed and always be remembered for your accomplishments on and off the court!
I am praying for your family WES!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Night Little World!

That time change is "KILLING" me.. I was thrown off all day. I am sure tons of people where to but I happened to save the day and get all my housework in order.
Starting the week with a clean house is always nice!
The last few Sundays we have been bowling with a group of friends from base. It has been FUN and tond of laughs and I think the hubby and I are getting ready to go PRO..by pro I mean like buying a ball and the gear to go along with it. I normally bowl pretty good and so does he so were looking for the gear.
I would have to say SUNDAY was SUNDAY.. :) 
I will leave ya with my bowling name for the night!
I was running around looking for a ball and came back to this name!
I did happen to bowl a 140 as my highest for the night.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What In A Name!

 I ran into this on a blog!
Posted this and I thought it was pretty neat!
How did you parents decide on your name?

I was suppose to be a VERONICA I was once told. My dad is the person who named me and he wanted to give me a name that could not be made fun of..for MONICA became the name!

Do your initials (first/middle/last) spell anything funny?

Well I went from MA to MAH... I don't think it does spell anything funny. However maybe someone else thinks different then me.

Did you take your middle name from childhood or did you drop your middle name and take your maiden name as your middle name? (Or if unmarried, what do you plan to do?)

I never had a middle name and I LOVE MY MAIDEN name! So I just attached it to my husbands last name! He was very okay with doing it and were planning to have out kids have both last names as well!

Are you or will you name your children systematically (ie, same first letter, same origin, etc?)

Hmm.. No. I think we have the most random names for our future children picked out. ha! I am not sure I could stick in once letter of ect..

Did you decide on names as a little girl? Did you stick to them or change your mind?

I don't think I decided on names when I was younger. I don't have children yet either.. I know we do have our daughters name in stone except for the middle name .. we keep re thinking it.

Does your family have any names that have been passed down through generations?

Yes! SAUL... my grandpa, dad , brother, I have a cousin with the middle name as well. I love the name but I am not sure if I will be naming my son that name because I am thinking of crazy names!

Do you look at the meaning of the name or just the name itself?

I would have to say the names always have to have some meaning to me. As for MEANING MEANING.. no not really!

Do you name pet names with human names or dog names?

I don't think I have named a dog with a human name. AMIGO was my last dog and that is not a human name.. haha!

Are there any names that you have an affinity or dislike for based on a childhood experience or someone you once knew?

No I really do not think so... I hear a ton of names.. but none that I dislike!

What are some of your favorite names and why?

I love MAY.. I am not sure combined with another name or as a middle name!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow ME!?

A few days back I was given this award!

I was really surprised because it is my FIRST ONE! haha!
I would like to THANK! Tia @ The Gilded Slipper.
She writes an amazing blog on VINTAGE items from about the time frame of the 30's and 40's!
I LOVE IT and that time frame!

But here we go I have to give SEVEN FACTS! Wow my favorite number..

1.  I have an obbsession for anything that says...


2. I love cold beers and FOOTBALL!

3. I get enjoyment out of seeing this man SMILE!

4. I love my TITLES.. I am a teacher to the next generation, a AF wife, a sister, daughter, friend, and hard worker.

5. I am obbsessed with my car!

6. I LOVE JAY-Z and Beyonce!

7. I hold on to this letter from my Father!

I think I am suppose to pass this on to other blogs. BUT I CAN NOT! I just read so many and LOVE so many different blogs at the point in my life!!! I am sure you know who you are because I always try to leave comment on blogs that I read!


I am a bit addicted to ..


I have been investing in them for sometime with the same 10$ .. so I am not at a total lost. They are fun to do and have in my purse. I am saving my 35$ in winnings for a RAINY DAY!



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Show Me Your... Ring!

The Lovey Mrs. Yellow Ribbon's is hosting the new Show Me Your.... postings and this week's posting is about your rings! So go link up HERE  and show off your BLING!

-The story of my ring is a BIT crazy! So here we go..

This is my PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE.. ring! I was propsed to on Nov. 23.07'. My ring is from WISCONSIN  where the Mr. proposed!

We got married on April, 4, 08' and this band was added! This band is from FLORIDA where we got married!

After being together a year this band was added! It is from MICHIGAN!

This is my RING TODAY!!! After a year being married I was given the last band to my ring!

My ring just grew over time.. and I never thought it would be this way but my Mr. kept surprising me with bands!

Did you look at rings together?

We looked at a few over the internet because we were ALWAYS apart but I did not have in mind the one I got! I love it and it is very special to me!

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!

YES! It is my most expensive piece! I was instantly IN LOVE!

How often do you wear your rings?

Everyday! We just had an issue with it getting to tight on my finger.. and I needed to get it resized!

Do you clean your rings?

Yes! I clean them often maybe twice a month! I also get all my bands checked out every 6 months! Each piece of my ring is from KAY JEWLERS! They are AMAZING!

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?

I am getting MARRIED!!! With each band I always cryed because my ring just kept getting BIGGER! :)

Now link up and show us yours!!!