Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick Or Treat!!


Today ends my lovely weekend. Although my husband had weekend duty. I got a ton done for myself and he got surprised with all the sweets..!
I love cooking and baking and I don't find time to do it during the week to often so I was in over load this weekend! .. MMMM! 
Here is just a peek!
Homemade Minestroni Soup!

Chocolate Covered Apples and Pretzels!

Homemade Sugar Cookies With Homemade Glaze!

We have our light on at the moment waiting for the cute little kids to come by.. but its not happening which means a ton of CANDY for me! We are ending the weekend relaxing on our first ever H-ween in 4 WHOLE YEARS! 

I hope you had a great weekend! I know I did!! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Once Again..

I have been MIA again.
I am not to sure what I am really going to do with myself at this point..:) Everyday has been so busy and just plain crazy. I have been going through so much with work, school, and my husbands work its hard to handle at points. 
On a different note.. time to vent..
I have been not to social lately because of the group of military people I happen to be around....
Why do SOME LADIES in the military do this...
I don't want to hear when your husband treats you bad. YOUR PROBLEM.
I don't want to hear when you don't understand your husbands job in the Air Force or where he works on base. YOUR PROBLEM. Hun its called communication!
I don't want to hear that you had a LONG DAY.. when your 18 years old married into the military, with no job, no kids, and no diploma! Child get a life!
In the last three weeks I have meet many SPOUSES of this nature! How HORRIBLE!
Now I understand I am going to run into people like this contantly within my life.. but I always think because I am a military wife I am not really NORMAL my life is not normal, but while my husband has his career.. I have to do something for myself .. 
I live by 5 are you's in life. That help me be a balanced person.

1. Are you Independent?(If your husband walks on for a TDY or Deployment Can you handle everything?)

2. Are you honest? (When your upset or think something is wrong do you speak your mind?)

3. Are you a LIFE LONG LEARNER! ( When you are 50 will you still want to educate yourself about thing within the world)

4. Are you a Community Helper? (Are you making an impact on the world and your community by helping it..?)

5. Are you HAPPY? (With your life.. and YOU.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6 Weeks and Congrats!

The last six weeks we have spent a good portion of our time dedicated to ALS! 
Airman Leadership School
Last week Mike finished and in December will rank up!
We got to dress up, and have a nice dinner with a group of people who influenced his life.
The best part was seeing him walk down to receive his reward for graduating and accomplishing something so big for his career with the Air Force.
My husband has a great heart not only for me.. but for others as well.
He loves to give back to whoever is in need and during the 6 weeks he gave a ton back to others and to himself!
I am very proud of him! As a token to congratulate him I bought him a fancy watch for the night that he had his eye on for a while. In return I was not expecting anything until we walked to the car, and I was given a 2k Emerald! That night he graduated was a very special night not only because he graduated but because we stopped out little lives to spend all night together! It was a very good feeling!

Being apart of a Military community is a very proud feeling for myself. I grew up not liking the military to much.. and now I am married to it, and in love with it. How did that happen? They truly take care of us. We are not normal people because we do not lead normal lives, we lead and live in a Air Force manor. I was telling me husband the other day how I get the sinking honorable feeling when a plane fly's over us. I feel I have a connection with it and contribute to them everyday because of my husband. We are between three bases, an Army Ranger Base, Eglin AFB, and Hurlburt Field Sp Ops. and it is truly an amazing thing to hear and see daily!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sunday To Remember..

Oct. 17.2010

Today is my father's birthday!
Happy Birthday Dad!
My dad passed away in 2007 .. and he was the most important person in my life. Everyday I think about how much I am like him and how much he has instilled within me. He has always been there and still is always there ..

I had class all afternoon.. and when I came home.. I had a surprise waiting for me! 
 I have a pretty amazing husband! 
A little cake for my dad's birthday and my dad's watch re-sized for me to wear! :)

I know my dad is always watching over me and my family! I remember all the good time I have had with him and shared with him! I remember because I know there are many people in my life time that will never ever see there fathers!

I hope you all had a great weekend Monday is around the corner! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am stuck.. AHHHH!

I have been trying to find and figure out what I want to be for H-ween!
We are not going out or anything as far as I know.. :)
but, I do need a costume for work and it needs to be child appropriate (Hey I am a TEACHER! )!

I want to know what you all are going to be!? 

Maybe it can help me decide on what I would like to be..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somedays.. I feel Blue..

I feel bad today and not bad.. like eek.. emotionally bad.
I have come to a point where I want a week off to relax.. life is moving to fast for me.
Two Jobs
Small Business
and all the time I spend outside of that running around to make that all work.
The ahh part is today is not the day to feel this way because my husband graduates tonight from ALS and I am one proud wife for that...
Are there times when you can't control how you feel at that moment in time?
I am trying to gather myself for tonights events but it is kinda hard to .. I hope as I get ready I began to feel more UP BEAT. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why I Think PINK!

Well it is pretty easy when you are a SURVIVOR!
I was right out of high school when I was first diagnosed in 05' I would have a year of being free then in 07' I would be re-diagnosed.
I have gone through a long journey with my little family by my side and my husband. I have been free since the the end of December in 07'.
With the help of my family and husband every Oct. is a blessing we celebrate the color PINK!
Here are a few pics of some of my celebrations!

These photos were from a few years back.. but I still love them this was during 07' when I was re diagnosed!
Can you tell me why you THINK PINK.. if you even do THINK PINK?
It is truly important for everyone to get a yearly check up.. I was only 17..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Those Yanks!

I am a true Yankee Fan! 
Oh how I miss OCT in Michigan.. and the World Series with my sister..
We always watch it and we always get APMED UP!
So I wanted to proudly share a few pictures from a few years back of our YANKEE Addiction.
We grew up near a highways and everyone could totally see this from the highway..As most must know the Yankees are doing awesome so far!

Hope you have a great night! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The weekend of 10.10.10..


Today was a pretty good day in the Heimes Household. 
I had class all weekend.. and today would be my only day off.. AHHH
I managed to get a few things done and I started the morning making APPLE CIDAR DOUGHNUTS!
Althought they just look like clumps of dough they tasted amazing!
I got the recipe from Flip Flops and Combat Boots! Hers look far more better then mine... but none the less Mikes loved them haha.

Since I was in class all day Saturday we spent the night hanging out and ended up making our first craft of H-ween. We have never shared a true H-ween together due to the Air Force and Mike always having TDY or deployment. I have to say we had a lot of laughs making this it was pretty cheap to.. maybe about $7.00 at your local craft store and it was all sticky like stickers when you placed it together! 

Lastly we have been getting the apartment in order because we are far to excited to FINALLY have a H-ween together.. Here are a few pictures of our outdoor Decor. We are heading to the pumpkin patch sometime soon and those pumpkins will bet he last touch to our outdoor decor!

 To cute I would say! 
This week my Mike graduates from ALS and will soon be ranked up. We are spending the week with the usually work and school. 

Hope you all are well and I hope you had a HAPPY 10.10.10!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Think Pink!

I Hope You Are Thinking PINK!

The Month Of Oct. Is Breast Cancer Awareness!
So Show Your Support! 
My Next Post Will Tell You Why I Think Pink!

But until then I wanted to share my LOVELY Husband rocking a little pink while he volunteered with a group of guys for the American Cancer Society!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I Have Been Busy..

This group of 30 kids above is my morning group!

This group above is my little afternoon group!

I am a teacher.. and it calls for tons of work during school hours and out of school hours. On any given day I see 40-50 kids!
I work mornings at one school and then I drive to teach afternoons at a different school. Its all VPK.
I would like to think I have the best job ever.. I go to work and play for hours and hours haha! 
Those little ones have been the reason for my absence with posting. I have just been way busy with my teaching, going to school, and my little jewelry line. With my husband being in ALS it helps because he is over busy to.... I will try to get on here more often to place a few post because I do miss getting comment and I do miss reading everyone's post. I hope you all have had a great weekend! I HAVE!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I fell out of the loop.. and tmrw I will explain WHY!
However I do want to say YAY to fall!
October is here!

If you have time and are NEW take a look at my Facebook Store A Touch Of A Hero. The link above will take you there! At the moment we are having a LIVE AUCTION. All the money will go to H-ween goodie boxes to send overseas to the troops with phone cards! Head on over...

and stay tune.. for my OFFICAL UPDATE TMRW! Its nothing big.. however it will be a REAL UPDATE! 

Thanks for sticking with me!