Monday, June 17, 2013

Michigan Baby Shower #5 !

Having a baby shower in my family is like INVITING the world. Well it is mostly because in a town like Holland where you have lived there forever... you know the world!
This shower was truly a blessing and filled with love and tons of people who I have grown up around. 
My mom was overly excited and with the help of the rest of her family (cousins, aunts, uncles) it truly was amazing! 

Now let me tell you getting it all home after two big vacation showers.. was the worst! I have never packed so many boxes to send home for one little girl! So spoiled and she is yet to be born!

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  1. I am also overly excited to know about your grand baby shower. It was truly fun. At domestic party Chicago venues my cousin’s baby shower had also been organized on last weekend. This party was also huge and a lot of people were invited. All arrangements were done by her aunt and those were just super lovely.