Monday, June 17, 2013

Vacation Re-Cap!

After two long weeks on the road and traveling! We managed to hit 30 weeks and feel overly relaxed.
We had boxes filled with stuff to put away and a baby room to get started. So with that ... we traveled 19 hours back to FLORIDA! We did not drive straight to Florida we STOPPED at my favorite little stop of all time! Bowling Green, KY. We always  try to spend out last night on vacation together in a nice room with nice take out dinner that we bring back because of Lambeau! We relax as a family and recenter before we get back to our REAL LIFE jobs and ect. So with that being said VACATION 2013' was truly accomplished! 

Now this is what was left at the door for us! Thank god for my mom's work and their shipping help we were able to get everything home with room for Lambeau in my tiny PT!

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