Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Love Is Far Away!!!

Sometime or another you will be seprated from your loved one for a brief moment. Can you think of  something that you will truly miss about that person? 
Well with Mike there is a LIST!!! .. and well that list is LONG! So I am going to share two of the crazy ones that I always miss when we are separated by duty.

I love this stuff.. and I somehow can never make it quiet as good as Mike. So I never eat it when he is away unless it is the tiny microwave ones.

I confess if he is sleeping in the morning.... I wake up to get dressed and I am loud! Lights on doors opening .. well you get the point. He will than wake up and I ask him sweetly to please make me coffee and or course he makes the best morning coffee ever.

Last night via messenger I was able to talk to him for a brief moment... here is a little bit of on conversation....

  • Michael
    • Baby!
      Hey baby I finally found a comp and wanted to say I love you and miss you like crazy!I want to hear your voice again!lol..I hope you and my little bizzle are holding up!I saw you read books!ohh la la!work is beyond super busy I'm burnt out but lAs a wife you ooking at pics of you 2 keeps me going lol..I love you mucho mucho!muah..hope this brightened your day a little
  • Monica
    • When are you coming home??
    • I miss you!!!
  • Michael
    • Hopefully soon!

      As a Military Spouse please remember OPSEC! I was a bit overwhelmed because I have not heard from him in days and I asked a non appropriate question! "When Are You Coming Home"..I think it just rolled out natural because we had never been in this situation.. but he sure answered like a true soldier.