Thursday, August 26, 2010

Waiting..Just A Little .

Today is the day my husband is suppose to come home! YAY!!
He has been gone only for a short time...but it does always feel longer.
I am anixous and feel young.. I have butterflys..

Plus.. THE GREENBAY PACKERS play tonight!! He really needs to hurry!

My week has been pretty busy!
I am a teacher and working mornings doing VPK and then afternoons at the moment subbing at a different center.
I wanted to share! I love my 2 year olds I have spent a ton of time with them in the afternoons!
We paint and decorate COOKIES! hehe! Of-course we do a ton of other things but those are just a few things we have done this week.

Arn't they just to cute! I love my job as a teacher to the next generation!
I can truly say I get to wake up and act like a kid daily!

I am sure I have tons more to tell you but.. I am making this post short due to my nearves .. I really am excited for him to just get home.

I want to THANK!! Erin Moore @ MooreToLove!!! She made my banner and it is AWESOME!
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  1. 2 year olds are so fun. Definitely a fun, but trying age. But aren't they all! Thanks for following me. I love finding new blog friends that are in the military!