Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Busy Weekend.

It has been!

After all my waiting Mike finally made it home on Thursday night at 3am! He walked into the apartment and scared me while I was sleeping!!!

I did not get to start the weekend until Saturday at noon!
I had college class' and orientation for my Pre-K kids for the this year.
So when noon hit.. I said YAY weekend!!! Even tho I had some house work and other things to get done!
We had tons of rain so it kept the Mr and I locked in for most of the weekend!
So let me share a few things..

I am in love and excited to see the MOVIE!!! I know it came out a while ago.. but a few months back for my birthday I got this book in the mail from my sister. I was stuck on a series and I am finally done with that series so I started it. It is a cute love story! However you do need to pay attention close when reading it jumps around alot.

I also was able to get crafty this weekend..
Since I am a teacher I needed to make a new name tag, last year mine got left out in the rain on the last day of school GRRR.. so I got crafty and made mine and a few for the other teachers I work with!

Cute huh!?

and lastly.. I did get to do one of my favorite things! BAKE!!
Homemade PB cookies with Kiss' I will place the recipe sometime this week in my recipe tab. They were MMMMM..

The week starts TMRW! Ahhh the I always think we should all get three day weekends.. because Mondays are always WEIRD!! I hope the week start off with a bang for all of you!


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  1. I loved the movie! I haven't read the book, but I really loved the movie. If I remember right, I cried the whole way through it seems like!