Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh The Fun I Have..

We made it YAY!! ha!
We got in mid afternoon in Michigan Wed.
I have to say taking a road trip is always fun with the husband.
I found a nice dress for the wedding and I am excited.
Last night we went out!
I have a FAVORITE new spot in Holland!
Its amazing and awesome! We had a few drinks with a few ball players and family.
We have gone here a few times.. and every time I am please! :)
On a different note.. I have been into photography for a while now. I was photo editor in high school and I tend to always take pictures due to me being in love with scarpbooking..
My sister and her boyfriend have been dating for almost two year and have never gotten pictures taken so.. I took them!
Tonight I am helping decorate for the wedding tmrw(my cousin is getting married!).
After that maybe a bottle of wine.. and relaxing!

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  1. lots of good things going on for you! Especially that bottle of wine! :)