Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh What A Saturday.

Mike and I..Spent our Saturday morning helping clean up the Pre-K center I teach at.
we were getting the playground all fixed up for the kids to come Sept. 7 yay!
After being way tired for the heat.. we came home got dressed and ran to grab a few things from the store.
Mind you were geared up for THE PACKERS GAME!!! Whooo Ohhh! ha!

I wanted to share a few things as you know Mike made SSgt on Thursday. Well as I was working I was trying to think of things to get him in order to reward and suprise him since he was working late all week.
I came up with somthing simple and he was happy for the little thing I did for him. So happy he woke me up to Thank me.. and asked me to share a piece with him.

and after relize how far he has come in the Military I was thinking back to our younger days. I am little OCD and keep tones of things because I scrapbook. Emails, Mysapce and Facebook messages as well.. I sat yesterday reading a ton of them some made me cry so much because I feel BLESSED and THANKFUL for all that I have..
I would like to think there are probly over 400 letters printed already and I still have a folder full of deployment ones..

Have a great weekend!

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