Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Bit Of This.. And That!

Life has been a RUSH!
I just got home from my two week vacation in Michigan! I had a blast! I got home on the 29th..
I had a final on the 31st.. now well its Sunday. I am getting stuff in order because I am going back to MICHIGAN! Again.. I know! This is the last trip of the year to visit family with my husband!
We leave Tuesday morning.. if all works well.. my husband at the moment is working weekend duty.
In the middle of my 4 days home I have alot to get done..
but I wanted to share!
I have launched my Facebook page for my MILITARY BUTTON JEWLERY! WHOO WHOO!
If I can get your help by passing me around or if you are intrested in doing a giveaway on your site let me know! I want to get the word out due to it being for a good CAUSE PHONE CARDS OVERSEAS!
So here is the link check it out! "LIKE IT" on Facebook now! :) hehe!

I should have pics from my Michigan trip up soon I hope!



  1. Cute, cute, cute! Good luck with everything! Let me know if you ever need a plug on my blog ;) lol

  2. YES!!! Maybe we can flip.. Or if you want you can do a giveaway with one of the bracelets! Let me know!