Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday ...

October, 17 is my dad's birthday..
The pain still sits..of how much I miss that man and all he did for my family and I. Today I took my lunch break and felt like a fool crying in a McDonald's eating a happy meal and telling my husband that it is just not fair... He has been gone since 2007 and you would think it would become easyer to deal with the pain of losing a parent but it is not. The pain becomes more real on certain dates... when I am 1000's of miles away from my father's stone and my family who are tending to dinner in honor of him. Today I went to work and was an awe... as I listened to my ten children talk about their daddy's and how much they loved the little things that they did for them. I remember my dad for his smile for the moments he would tell me that he loved me...because I MADE HIM A DAD! I will never forget his HOPE for me.. his dreams for me to have a education and to always strive for so much more in life. I will remember him for rubbing my back, clearing away my tears and always telling me he loved me. 
As I sit here with a glass of wine and tears running down my cheeks.. I understand that no matter how hard this journey gets with him being gone.. I will always have the little things to remember him... I will always understand that he is always watching over me and guiding me.

I truly am blessed to have a father in my life.. and one who CARED enough to show me the true meaning of living life!

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  1. HUG* What a wonderful father. I hope you keep the good things in your mind and don't let the sadness creep up to often.