Sunday, October 9, 2011

Couponing 101

I always hear people say this to couponers..

"You tend to buy things that you do not need"
"You use a coupon because you have it.."

This is not true for me. I have been couponing for sometime now and have learned the method that works best for me and my family.
First, I gather my coupons from sunday papers, online, and ect. I cut them and place them in a binder that is divided to my liking. I cut them all because at the end of the month all expired and non used coupons go into a envalope that gets donated to the military overseas to use at their local BX, PX, Commisary or ect. Plus if you look at it you never know which coupon you might need and when you might need it.
Hey it is FREE money!
Secound, I get my Sunday ads and I start to match up with the items that I am going to buy. I also use online databases that help make my trips easyer! I do only buy what I can use within my home or what I can donate to others. If your going to get it for FREE or a good deal you should take it becasue you can always find someone who will need it.
Another idea is I put boxes together for my husbands friends that are overseas with the military. I also place boxes together for familiy members who are in college and might be straped for cash. Here are a few pictures of my "Coupon Haul's. I have prefected useing at CVS and try to stick to were I am comfortable useing my coupons.

The last picture is a Sunday night of TV, being sick and clipping! I would say all the items you see I got for less than $150.00 out of pocket. I want to stress that I do use coupons often but not ALL the time. I still eat out and pay regular price for a ton of items. However if I do have a coupon that will help me I do use it to get a deal.

If you would like to learn more about couponing just let me know I am more than willing to help and share a few tips. I taught my little sister a while back how to do it and she is becoming really good at getting deals now with coupons!

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  1. I would love to learn some tricks and secrets to it. I haven't gotten it all figured out, so any help would be amazing!
    BTW- I am a new follower. Love your blog!