Friday, November 11, 2011


Today.. I had the day off and it truly was nice to be home with the Mr. on a Friday FINALLY!

We spent the day exercising, eatting and just plan relaxing.
Mike went running while I headed to Zumba. We met after for grocery shopping and than came home where I made my first attempt at Beef Stew in the crock pot. I have this thing about crock pots! I love the idea but I hate to wait 8 hours for a good meal while I am sitting at home smelling how yummy it is as it is cooking. I tend to make it all in a pot on the stove and than I transfer into the crock pot for the last hour or so of the cooking process. It speeds the process up about 6 hours which is better for my tummy.

This was YUMMY and easyer than I thought!
 After we ate we than celebrated Veterans Day with a little treat!

The Mr's cookie cake for Veterans Day!

I also wanted to share this.. in July the school I work at collected items to make care-packages for the troops! The children learned all about the troops and how we should THANK them for their service. We live in a community that is surround by two Air Force bases! So many of the children tend to see men and women in uniform daily. It is a proud moment for many parents to see their children learning about America and the meaning of freedom. My Mr. known as Mr. Mike is often in the classroom droping in to say hello or read a quick book to the kids before work. One of the little ones in my classroom did this piece of art that was suppose to go into a box to send overseas to a troop but than he started to talk about Mr. Mike. He gave this to Mike in July and we proudly have it hang on our refrigerator.

Today I am not only remembering my husband but I am also remembering all of those who give and gave for my FREEDOM !


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