Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Be The Smile On A Childs Face

Mike and I have spent the last two weekends at Soccer Games!

I happen to have 4 little ones in my life that are playing soccer for our local youth soccer league. These little ones are the children that I spend Monday-Friday teaching. I have heard all about Soccer this and that for awhile now and decided since they are all playing on the same league to pay them a visit and cheer them on. I even made a t-shirt and was told that I am in fact their #1 fan!
I Love Soccer
And.. Grayson, Will, Campbell, Noah

 These little ones make me proud because over the last two weekends I have seen them grow into a little soccer players. A couple still have trouble hitting the field and tears still enter their eyes if a play goes wrong, but at the end of the game they are full of SMILES.

Here are a few more picture that a awesome mom let me use for my blog!
Mike and I with some of our favorite soccer players!

Look at his face! He is waving to me from the field!

At the end of the day.. I want these children to remember me.. for the teacher that I am.Also for the  values that I have helped them build within my time with them as young children. I will hope that they will gain a foundation for life-long learning and come back to me one day to THANK me for the adults that they are becoming because of the help I gave them. Teaching is a job that is about giving. The reciving comes from the smiles that they give you daily.

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  1. Thanks to you and Mr. Mike for coming out and supporting the kiddos! You are such a great teacher and I know they will all thank you one day for the impact you have had on their lives! They LOVE their number one fan!! :)