Friday, February 8, 2013

We Are Having A BABY Part ONE!

This is a bit late because I am late at posting EVERYTHING due to life but here is the story..

Oct. 14th 2012..

Right out of Derby and HURT sooo BAD! I had just been kicked around .. and after practice took a trip to CVS.. it was there that it dawned on me... I should be taking pregnancy test ...with all the falling I had been doing!

Time had passed and getting pregnant was not happening.. Mike and I were truly in the laid back state of mind.. if it happens it happens. Well back in the day drinking was always an option because kids were not in the picture.. and I always managed to sneak a preg. test in JUST IN CASE.. and they always were NEGATIVE.. nothing was truly working.

Until the night of the 14th!

Mike was TDY and out of the state and well I was just here doing the same old .. working out.. work.. homework.. and that night I took a test.. than another test... than made a phone call to HOLLY! Calling Mike was not an option because if none of it was true .. I did not want him HAPPY than LET DOWN...

Holly is one of my best friends here in FLORIDA.. she is young , wise and well reminds me of a younger version of me.. independent and responsible.. I called her in a panic because the lines were faded and I was a bit confused.. sent her a text and she said "DRINK A TON OF WATER AND GO BUY THE EXPENSIVE ONES". 

So I did.. and the results were the same..

I sat for hours and cried.. I told no one but my HOLLY.. and it was the next morning that I played the emergency card and tried to keep quite but with Mike out of town Cristy (MY BOSS) NEEDED TO KNOW.. and than headed onto base for an OFFICIAL BLOOD TEST!
Three days later they scheduled my first appointment at 9 weeks PREGNANT!

Now back to Mike who was TDY....HE NEEDED TO BE THE NEXT ONE TO KNOW!!! Because two people in my life had known.. so I SKYPED him holding one of the very first little onesies.. we bought when we decided to start trying for a baby back in the day..

He did not understand what was taking place and I SAID "WERE HAVING A BABY!!!" the look on his face was priceless as he began to cry!

P.S .. The non digital were so hard to read!!! The picture I sent HOLLY!

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