Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1st Trimester Has Been Done & Over With...

1st Trimester Questionnaire 



This had happened far to long ago.. I found out I was pregnant at about ... 6 weeks but I truly wanted to do this to reflect on myself!

Total weight gain/loss: I gained NOTHING! I have lost a pound of two during this first tri. due to being sick so much.. :(

Maternity clothes? NOT EVEN A CHANCE! Still rocking my size 6-7's!

Sleep: This has been a total adjustment! I wake up to pee at least once or twice a night. I crave juice and am officially sleeping with two pillows under my head and one body pillow between my legs and wrapped around my belly. I love sleeping on my tummy and well sleeping on my side of back is the only thing helping.

Best moment the first trimester:  The love that is floating around .. because we had just announced that we were FINALLY PREGNANT! It all truly is an unreal feeling and a blessed feeling at the same time for us as a little family to be growing.

Movement: There really has been little to no growth or movement for us within this trimester.. lots of hospital trips and sickness. Lots of moments crying and laying in pain..

Food cravings: GOLDFISH !!!!

Gender: I had no idea at this point. I was just happy to be pregnant and hoped for a healthy baby!

Labor Signs: NO WAY!

Belly Button in or out?  Just the same as normal IN!

What I miss: I do not think I miss anything.. so far.. I am struggling with relaxing and slowing down my life!

What I am looking forward to: My Belly GROWING!

Weekly Wisdom: EXERCISE and EAT RIGHT!

Milestones:That there is a tiny bump there! I can feel it but most can not see it...

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