Sunday, February 24, 2013

To Be Me...

I am still till this day  AMAZED that I am going be a MOMMY! 

Over and over.. I think of all the things I have accomplished and have been able to complete. But.. being pregnant was the icing on the cake.

I wanted to capture me.. at what I thought was my finest and it just so happened that a friend of mine had just purchased a fancy camera and was getting her start at taking pictures! 

Kendall Hooper- Thank you for your amazing pictures of my crazy busy upside down life... with a little peanut in the oven.

The struggle that I find myself in is having so much to do with so little time. Reminding myself that being busy is not always the best for myself and my family. However it is the moments that you work hard for to obtain the things that you want in life that will only help my family and our future. It is the moments of graduating college, working full time, derby, zumba and being a military wife.. that I will be able to tell my kids one day..  "if MOMMY can do .. SO can YOU"!!!

and here we are today sweet love with a sweet baby!!!

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