Friday, January 18, 2013

The Derby Life..

Let me tell ya! I am a born derby girl at heart.. and when I say HEART I mean HEART! I have never fallen so much in my whole little life.. but every time I got back up.. proudly to skate again.
Meet The...

Beach Brawl Sk8R Dolls

On skates we are full of spirit and well just darn right mean! GRR!!! haha! 
There... truly are a few things in life that have changed my outlook .. and these girls are apart of that outlook! They are my DERBY FAMILY!
In September of last year I quickly fell in love with derby. After seeing the Vets. on skates I knew it was something I had to do to make life complete! I raced out and spent 200$ in gear and started my adventure in learning how to SKATE like the vets. on this team. Each skater was awesome enough to show me what I needed to learn and throw me around as well on the rink! 
Today I am on LOA and awaiting my return as a skater! I help where I can on the team and try to remain highly spirited ... I find sitting at the rink watching the drive and ambition from these women helpful in my journey back to DERBY LAND! Did I mention.. they were the first group of ladies that I had to tell that I WAS PREGNANT! Now days you can find me secretly putting on my skates in my home... trying to keep it on low profile.. so I do not get yelled at....

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