Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Airfare Gone Wrong...

Starting our last vacation of the year.. was HELL! 
I will not state which airfare that we booked or traveled on but I will say that it was HORRIBLE.
HELL + HORRIBLE = (A Cranky Wife That CRIED).

Bless my husband and his patients for me. He comforted me ..gave me lots of coffee and talked! This helped me from not dieing because of our horrible experience. We org. were suppose to board our flight to GA at about 7:30 am and that was cancelled. That lead us to be re-booked for noon and that re-booking lead us to still sit until about 12:40. We than landed in GA by 2pm and sat until the middle of all of this I had homework that was due by the end of the night. Mind you the internet in GA was OUT! So I did what anyone else would have done.. freaked out and cried. We than FINALLY boarded our last plane and landed in WI at about 9pm..had about a 2 hour drive before we were in a warm bed.

I would like to think that airports will learn to start caring about flights and ect. Seeing that people spend good money on tickets to ensure that they will be home on time and safely. We were suppose to be in WI by noon and that went out of the window after our first flight was cancelled! I also did not mention the LOW to failing grades I received from the lack of internet that was suppose to be working because I paid a whole 10$ for it... 

Anyways were NOW ON VACATION! Well as I am writing this we are half way done with vacation. It has been so busy but I will keep you posted on a few events and past events seeing that I am going to RELAX ... with family time, reading, and blogging.

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