Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

This little Christmas tree has been with us since we started dating..
Our first Christmas together was in the Winter of 2007'.
Mike was in Florida and I was in Michigan.
So Mike bought this tree for my trip to Florida in April of 2008' where we set it up in his little dorm room and had Christmas....and here we are in 2010'.
I know I know.. but I have an emotional attachment to this little tree its little branches have provided the strength to hang ornament after ornament. Our tree consist of ornaments passed down from generation to generation. It also hold ornaments that are given to us every year by Mikes family and mine. The star is from Wisconsin .. and took a long journey with us back here to Florida for our first MARRIED Christmas!
It is so tiny but I am in love with the History of our little tree! This picture does no Justice for what it looks like lit up in the night!


  1. So great! Our ornaments are ones that we were given every year and I love it. What a story your tree holds!