Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Santa Came Early..

To drop off a few gifts!
My husband is horrible at keeping surprises from me.. I will give it to him.. I still have gifts from him under the tree! 
He did some shopping yesterday all on his own and came back to wrap the gifts he had bought. He clams he can wrap presents better then me.. but I don't think so.
I peeked around the corner and got this picture of him..

This afternoon after he had dinner with a friend who is in town he came home to me being sick! So he said "I am to excited want to open a present" and yes I said.. because who does not want to open up a gift before Christmas! So here it is.. and I am in love I have been wanted one of these for a while!

We will be adding new charms in for events within our life! I am excited.. I have a Breast Cancer rib. because I am a Survivor, and a Snowflake because it was a Christmas present. OH how I miss Michigan and the SNOW! 
I am excited to see what else he has for me under the tree. I feel blessed to have Mike because when I think he is not paying attention to things I might want or am talking about he really is.. I thought it was even funny that he brought out this paper that had all the little charms on it for the bracelet. It had oil and pen marks and was in his ABU's because he was thinking about what charms to get!

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