Monday, December 20, 2010

Being A Teacher.. Means Being Crafty!

This was the season for me to be crafty on a budget!
With 36 children and 12 other teachers to buy for the HOLIDAYS! 
So.. crafty I was.. here are a few pictures of some of the things I was able to make with the help of a few children and myself!
Cookies in a JAR!!! What a bargain I got the jars for 10 cents each!

Ornaments for the children to give their parents out of their hands and feet!

These are the bags I made for the 4 children in my afternoon class! I used stamps, circuit, glitter paint, and markers!

I collected these as gifts for the 4 children all under 10 dollars!

The children made the reindeer food and I scraped this for them!

I had keys donated for ACE HARDWARE and made Santa's Magic key for them!

They also painted bags and ornaments for their parents and I managed to make 30 small candy bags for under 10 dollars!
I would have to say I had tons of fun getting everything in order and making the items that I did with the children in my classroom! The holidays are around the corner and I hope that they all love their items from their children and I!

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