Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Oh what a task! 
I had over 120 to send out and that meant 120 address to get in order! 

and there are all the cards laying out to be labeled!
I used the computer to print out labels which made it was easier then writing them all out!
I purchased my cards with VISTAPRINT! If you have not heard of them search it 100 postcards that I decorated for $7.99 and they printed out our address on the top of each one which was less work for me. I love them I used them last year for my cards and I was impressed. 

They are simple and cute! 
Now my rant.. will they STOP raising the price of postage... I paid almost $50.00 to mail them all out! A bridie at the post office told me on Jan. 15. 2011 they will be raising the prices once again! GRRR

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  1. Saw your post on Face book. Thought I would check out your blog :) very cute by the way!