Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Day With Alot Of Rain..

Today I woke up to rain.
I am a sub in Florida teaching younger kids... so I try to sleep till 9:30am.. and once I wake up.. I know I am in the okay zone and not getting called into work! HEHE!
I called my husband to meet him for lunch on base, and he said I am getting out early.
We headed a few towns over to Pensacola, Florida. SHOPPING!
I ending up with tons of scrapbooking supplies, a new phone case, and just a nice mexican food dinner.
I have to say I am very happy to spend time with him. Due to me working and being in school, we often do not get to see one another. His sch. does not match up with mine and he is way supporting of me try to better myself. Well we came home after all of that and SURPRISE!
This was waiting...

My FCCPC.. which is a cerdification to teaching PRE-K!
Yes I know.. it was hard work to get this.. and lots of time and effort but way worth it..
There are times were I feel like I have given up so much being a military wife for my husband. I moved from the town I love, left my job, family, friends..and sometimes other do not understand.
 I love being with my husband.... and helping him follow his dreams.
Its more of a joy.. when he is right behind me following my dreams.
I am on top of the WORLD! :)

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