Monday, July 5, 2010

Relaxing With The Red, White, and Blue...

I am sad that my weekend has come to an end.
Mike and I both had a longer weekend then normal, it consisted of a ton of hanging out.
Friday I had a ladies night! Yay! We did dinner and a movie.. and I am sure you can guess the movie..
Ha! I have to say I liked the movie..but I was not totally impressed for some reason. Maybe it was due to us not going opening day.
Saturday I did alot of hanging out and school work.. I have been consuming my life with the Sookie Stackhouse series..

There are nine books to the series and I am on the eight book. I am hoping to get them all done before I start back up with working full time in Sept. The books are just like the show TrueBlood. However there are a few twist and some parts that are played differently. I do recommend them its good and cheap reading you can pick them up for six bucks at Walmart! :)
At first we wanted to go to the Fireworks in our town on the beach but it was just far to busy. So we got geared up picked up some beer and hung out at home! We loved it.. and it was nice to spend time together..Here are a few pictures.

Today Monday was by far a rainy and lazy day! We made homemade chilli and just relaxed!
I hope you all enjoyed!

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