Thursday, June 24, 2010

How It All Started!

Well.. this blog has started due to a stocking friend on facebook!
Just Joking..

 I am addicted to facebook, and addicted to sharing my thoughts, and life with others.
I am a Pre-School Teacher, and an Air Force Wife. I have tons of hobbies that consist of reading, photography, scrapbooking, and just being crafty. I also attend NWFSC at the moment for Early Childhood Development. So with all of that and a husband.. it makes life BUSY! I will have to say.. I LOVE MY LIFE! I am very blessed to have all the family and friends that I have, espcially with being far away from home. They help keep my life balanced. So here is to the start of this blog. I hope to maintain some of my thoughts, and share with you my life.
However.. before it all need to meet someone.
Michael J. Heimes

He is my #1 Fan, and biggest supporter! Together we can take on the world!
We have been together for almost 3 years. On Nov. 23. 07 he proposed at Lambeau Field.. home of the Green Bay Packers (how I became a Packers fan!). Then on April. 4. 08 the day after my husbands birthday we were married! The rest well its all in the books..

I hope you like all that I have to say and continue to read!


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  1. Monica. I. Can't wait to read more of ur blog glad u got one:)