Friday, June 25, 2010

A Crafty Day..

Yay Friday!
I did alot today...It's been nice to have a day off of work and my husband got out of work early as well..
I met a friend at the mall to do some quick shopping then we got lunch at Chilli's. After that I got crafty I headed to Jo Ann's and Ac Moore to pick up some last min scrapbooking supplies and extra stuff for some ribbion's and bow's I am making to take with me on my trip to visit my familia in HOLLAND MICHIGAN!
So here are a few pics I wanted to share..

My Work Station! I LOVE IT! After my husbands deployment this was his gift SPACE TO WORK! :)
Here are a few clips I made.. now mind you I WEAR THEM! They are way cute for the summer!
Here is a headband!
and Last....

These are a few bows.. I made.. I am taking them home to wear for a softball tournament!
For a Friday it was a pretty crafty day.. I will post more soon! I hope you all have a good WEEKEND! :) YAY!


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  1. Love em' only if i wore head bands like that but i dont =[ keep up the good work!