Monday, June 28, 2010

A Touch Of A Hero..

So.. I have seen these braclets made by someone once.. and the lady was charging 45$ a bracelet!
That is far to much I say..
I bought the stuff for them and decided to give it a TRY! :)

I am charging 15$ each that will included free shipping within the states!
I am charging for the supplies I used to make the product and well the labor I put into it..
I am going to send calling cards overseas with the profit I can get from them!

These a Military Uniform Buttons! Taken to a whole new level! You can always have your loved one close with a braclet like this!
P.S I can use the buttons off your hubbys uniform if you mail the buttons to me.. I need 8.. they take 7.. but I want an extra just in case.. if I dont use it you will get it back! :) The custom ones will be 16$ each with free shipping.

If you see one you like let me know and its YOURS (well if you pay!)!


1 comment:

  1. Those are genuis Monica! I am gonna have to send you Hardy's old buttons from his Navy uniform! & then his Army one =]