Monday, March 12, 2012

Outlaw Platoon!

I was recently contacted to review OUTLAW PLATOON book. When doing background research while I was waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail I found a number of different news pieces on this amazing story. I raved about it to my husband and than when the mail arrived and it was sitting on my kitchen counter it was taken from me by my soldier. He has taken this book with him on his journey. I am sure this book is right where it needs to be.. in the hands of a working soldier! I am interested to get the inside scoop from him after he is done reviewing it for himself! I encourage everyone to pick up this book! I have attached a clip and a little bit of info on the book. You can google search on how to purchase it .. and please remember "if you can't stand behind our soldiers.. please feel free to stand in front of them"!

— A searing and unforgettable story of friendship in battle, OUTLAW PLATOON is Lieutenant Sean Parnell’s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division’s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.

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