Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have been dreading this post for fear of REALITY..
needless to say this week was a FULL REALITY!!! Everything went extra long and was extra LAME may I add from being sick, locking a dog out of the HOUSE, and just plan TIRED..

Okay I will stop with the CAPS!

Finally after that last post and that last update .. my Mr. is finally GONE in a whole different location.
This was far short notice but we are trying to make due.
So I will leave you with a few pictures from the event.... of our "c-ya later"

The day he left we took a small family photo "THANK YOU HOLLY" for comming over on short notice!

Moments before he left... :) Did I mention this CAMO makes him soo HOTT!

I will remind you that I did not cry for the fact of .. it was short noticed and I was tired and because we have a "WWII Kinds LOVE". You know where pictures and letters take forever so for that last moment before he leaves you give him the biggest hug, kiss, and it is imprinted in his brain forever!

Mike will be safe .. and in the hands of GOD on his journey to protecting our country!


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