Saturday, March 24, 2012

Love That Last Forever...

I always think that the longer that you are together for more that you can overcome and that there is just something about old fashion love that make LOVE LOVE.
My granparents celebrated their birthdays with a big group of family and friends tonight in Holland, MI!
{Photo Courtesy Of Joanna Ybarra}
 They have been married for YEARS and are so happy and loved. Can you imagine turning 70 and realizing that you have spent most of your life with the love of your life...
insert "sigh" here.. tonight I am missing HOME. I sit typing this with tears down my eyes because the house is quiet and well its just me. Holland is having a big party with all my family and close family friends.. and overseas my husabnd is sleeping in the top bunk of a tiny room. Life is still moving and I can old wish my granparents the BEST and many more years to come. May one day Mike and I's love be as old and happy as their love for one another.

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