Friday, September 23, 2011

Room Mom 101 !

Alright I am NO MOM!
However I feel like one Monday-Friday.. where I spend most of my hours in a classroom with 10 children who make me strive for so much more. I get to see their little minds grow with curiosity and eagerness to learn. I feed them, read to them, and put them down for a nap as if they were my own. At the end of the day I head home to a husband who listen to my long day.
I love spending my time creating for my classroom and I am in love with this blog that gives me ideas and helps me grow as a teacher.


A few weeks back I wrote to the owner of the blog sharing some of my ideas! She messaged me back and I was on cloud 9 because I was featured on ROOM MOM 101! 
I created a tree for my writing center that was inspired by a children's book.

Here is the link to read the post! Just click on the next sentence to check it out!

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