Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So as it looks...

Sadly I have been posting about once a whole month lately.
Why? Well like normal life is CRAZY!
I have so much on my mind and so little time to get anything accomplished. can call me the YES GIRL. Lately that is how life have been YES I can do this for you.. YES I will meet you there..YES I have time for that. 
Sadly here I am at my breaking point BURNT OUT! 
Everyone has a breaking point and everyone gets burnt out. I am trying to find ways to catch up and cope with the thought of being so tired to get just the bare min. done daily. I want to learn to find time to kick my feet up with a good book and just read with a glass of wine. But this week that is not in the plans with school work and other things to attend to.. so I leave you at this.. I WILL FIND TIME and when I do I will gladly post about it.. in the mean time I am getting ready for bed.
Tmrw I have a long day of work and a ZUMBA class that I am way excited for with an awesome group of ladies. Wish us luck because we will be in the back row trying to keep up with the ones in the front row!

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  1. I hope things are going well for you, just busy. I only started getting busy with my blog because I monetized it and I have to post blog entries before they expire. I used to blog only two to four times a month.

    Oh, Im thinking of going to a Zumba class later if I can get my lazy ass of the computer.