Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scentsy Addiction!

I have a slight addiction to Scentsy. Lets just say I have a two bedroom apartment with a living area and kitchen. I happen to have six warmers going at all times! Yikes! haha!
However my place does smell amazing!
Recently I purchased these..
I paid $3.00 for them. They are designed to help to clean out your warmers easy and mess free! Well lets just say they did not work to well for me! I was way sad because I thought that I would be able to use my wax again and I could not with these tabs. Plus the tab came out without any of the wax on it making for a HUGE mess!
So here is a trick! My mom makes candles for a company called "Lakeshore Candle Company". When I went home on vacation in July I opened her freezer and found tons of candle votives. I asked her why they were in the freezer and she said she was cleaning out the wax. SURPRISE! I came home and tried it on my Scentsy Warmers and TA DA! They came right out and were mess free. Now all you have to do it pop the top half in the freezer for about a hour or so.. and then it will pop right out and you just wipe it clean!

Also if you want to buy "Scentsy" or Lakeshore Candles just click on the names of the companys that are in quotes and it will send you to a link to purchase!

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