Sunday, March 6, 2011

Show Me Your... Ring!

The Lovey Mrs. Yellow Ribbon's is hosting the new Show Me Your.... postings and this week's posting is about your rings! So go link up HERE  and show off your BLING!

-The story of my ring is a BIT crazy! So here we go..

This is my PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE.. ring! I was propsed to on Nov. 23.07'. My ring is from WISCONSIN  where the Mr. proposed!

We got married on April, 4, 08' and this band was added! This band is from FLORIDA where we got married!

After being together a year this band was added! It is from MICHIGAN!

This is my RING TODAY!!! After a year being married I was given the last band to my ring!

My ring just grew over time.. and I never thought it would be this way but my Mr. kept surprising me with bands!

Did you look at rings together?

We looked at a few over the internet because we were ALWAYS apart but I did not have in mind the one I got! I love it and it is very special to me!

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!

YES! It is my most expensive piece! I was instantly IN LOVE!

How often do you wear your rings?

Everyday! We just had an issue with it getting to tight on my finger.. and I needed to get it resized!

Do you clean your rings?

Yes! I clean them often maybe twice a month! I also get all my bands checked out every 6 months! Each piece of my ring is from KAY JEWLERS! They are AMAZING!

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?

I am getting MARRIED!!! With each band I always cryed because my ring just kept getting BIGGER! :)

Now link up and show us yours!!!

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